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coordinating the implementation of the framework for evaluation across the levels of the Organization;

Utilization and follow-up of recommendations 39. Recommendations contained in evaluation reports reflect the value added by the evaluation process. Each evaluation shall have an identified owner, such as the responsible officer of a cluster, programme, office or project. It is the responsibility of the owner to utilize the findings of the evaluation and develop an action plan and timeline for the implementation of the recommendations. 40. The evaluation owner shall ensure that an appropriate management response is issued in a timely manner to the appropriate Assistant Director-General at headquarters, or to the Regional Director in the regions and countries. 41. The Office of Internal Oversight Services shall monitor the follow-up of the implementation of evaluation recommendations in a systematic manner, coordinating efforts with the evaluation owners. The Office shall issue periodic status reports on progress in the implementation of the recommendations to senior management and report annually to the Executive Board through the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee. Disclosure and dissemination of evaluation reports 42. WHO shall make evaluation reports available in accordance with the Organization’s disclosure policy. 43. Lessons learnt from evaluations shall be distilled, reported and disseminated as appropriate