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conventional society

When a juvenile is suspected of committing a crime, police have the discretion to:
Answer    release the child and report the contact
   interrogate or search the child
   turn the child over to their parents under the promise of punishment
   both A and B are correct

Most youth tend to pick friends who are like themselves. The term that describes this process is called_________.
Answer    homophily

According to criminologist Ko-lin Chin, Chinese gang activity is dominated by:
Answer    fighting over turf
   accumulating money
   doing drugs
   organizing prostitution rings
The Rochester Youth Development Study found that gang members accounted for _____ percent of the serious delinquent acts in the community.
Answer    10
   nearly 40
   more than 85

Some risk factors associated with gang membership include:
Answer    poverty
   failure in school
   prior violence
   increased drug use
   all of the above are correct