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Starting up a new online business has a lot of moving parts, and on top of actually making the products or developing your service, you’re probably spending a lot of time taking photos, writing descriptions, setting up the technical stuff, and figuring out how to drive customers through developing a marketing plan.

Oh man.. marketing? That sounds hard.

Really killer marketing is a lot of hard work, but thankfully one of the best ingredients to a killer marketing formula is starting small, taking advantage of what you know, and using the tools you already have.

With $100 you can take advantage of one of the foremost platforms for search engine marketing to drive early interest, learn more about your ideal customer, and start developing your own marketing secret sauce.

Note: Whether you choose to use AdWords or not, you should absolutely configure Analytics for your shop. The insights you can gain about your store from the robust, free reports in GA are extremely valuable.

If you’re a Shopify customer, you’ll have a message in your admin giving you a free $100 credit 24 hours after you’ve paid for your first month of service.

Set Up Your Google Accounts

Next, connect your Google Analytics and Google AdWords Accounts. Do this by logging into Google Analytics, clicking on the Admin tab at the top, navigating to All Products under the Property header for your store’s account and clicking on the Link AdWords button. (Still need help? Get the step-by-step instructions from the Google Analytics help files.)

Set Up Your Google Accounts

Once you’ve got your two major advertising toolboxes set up and connected, you can start planning how to spend your advertising dollars.

Planning and setting up your campaigns

Creating AdWords Campaigns involves a planning step, a research step, and an execution step.

  • Planning: Ask questions about your business, products, and goals.
  • Research: Do Google searches for your products, use the Keyword Planner, review your Analytics data, and read more about ways you can be more successful.
  • Execution: Set up Campaigns and Ad Groups, configure settings, and create ads.

Approaching your set up this way helps you stay focused, and it breaks things down into small, easy steps.

This step-based approach helps you reach small goals faster while helping you stretch your budget. So let’s look at ways you can get started with that $100.