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DMSI is a suite of integrated applications that manage materiel standards, production/issue history, Bill of Materiel (BOM) standard data, labor standards for maintenance planning and production costing, facilities planning, tracking, schedule execution and performance measurement activities for programmed/un-programmed depot maintenance workload, tracks end items/subassemblies through the maintenance overhaul line and provides a repository for storing production number master records. • AFMC Labor Standards Data System (ALSDS) – Maintains depot labor standards and information • Depot Maintenance Materiel Support System (DMMSS) – BOM and Materiel costing management • Depot Maintenance Consolidated Operational Database (DMCODB) – Integrated database used by all DMSI applications; Manages all DMSI interfaces • Exchangeable Production System (EPS) – Manages material ordering in support of depot repair • Inventory Tracking System (ITS) – Tracks commodities and subassemblies throughout depot repair • Job Order Production Master System (JOPMS) – Manages/determines repair costs, end item sales prices and billing data • Programmed Depot Maintenance Scheduling System (PDMSS) – Used to develop and maintain aircraft/end item schedules throughout the entire depot repair process • Spectrum Systems Development Architecture (SSDA) – Common services framework for use by all DMSI applications