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conditions of chronic inflammation

Ganapathy of Texas Tech University Health Sciences, it was shown that
when dietary fiber intake is low, the SCFA transporter SLC5A8 becomes essential for suppressing colon
carcinogenesis (Biochem J. 2015, 469:267).
In addition, the laboratories of Drs. Singh and Li (GRU Cancer Center) collaborated to define the role of
the Ufm1 (a ubiquitin-like modifier) conjugation system and Ufm1 E3 ligase RCAD/Ufl1 in erythropoiesis
(Cell Death Differ. 2015, 22:1922; PLoS Genet. 2015,11:e1005643) .
The Singh Laboratory also contributed to the understanding of the mechanism by which gut microbiota
can promote obesity. It was shown that under conditions of chronic inflammation, as seen in mice lacking TLR5 for example, excess production of short chain fatty acids leads to obesity and metabolic syndrome (Cell Metabolism. 2015, 22:983). Recent studies by several laboratories have shown that the interaction between dietary fiber and gut microbiota plays a critical role in carcinogenesis and obesity.
Understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating the effect of gut microbiota and diet on intestinal
carcinogenesis and obesity will be very important in designing new therapeutic strategies aimed for prevention and /or treatment for these diseases.