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Compliance Policies Discourage Opportunities for Rule-Breaking

The Effect of Pressure on Ethics and Compliance
Cressey also points out that pressure has a negative effect on ethics and compliance, particularly when companies or managers place pressure on employees to perform without placing an emphasis on integrity. Employees who feel pressured to take certain actions may be inclined to take unethical shortcuts unless instructions come with reminders about ethics and compliance policies.

Final Thoughts on the Differences Between Ethics and Compliance
Corporations are wise to understand the distinct differences between ethics and compliance, and how they relate to each other. One of the main goals of ethics and compliance departments should be to make sure that they are clearly and continually communicating every aspect of the corporate culture to their employees. The other main goal is to make sure they’re doing all they can to reinforce the ethical culture in every aspect of the business.

Last, and most important, ethics and compliance departments must recognize the role that pressure plays in how employees respond to ethics and compliance policies.