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competition for institutional training and career awards

To inform the future directions of training and career development programs, NICHD leadership commissioned a comprehensive review of the various training mechanisms supported by the Institute, the funding resources committed to those programs, and the productivity and professional outcomes of former fellows, trainees, and scholars. The scope of the review covered individual fellowships, career development awards, institutional fellowships and career awards, and T15/R25 programs for supporting short courses. The review was carried out by a Task Force composed of NICHD staff and external members with knowledge of NIH training programs and biomedical research workforce issues. Members included representatives from NICHD’s National Advisory Council; NICHD program directors who administer training programs; staff with expertise in review, policy, and program evaluation; and training experts from other NIH institutes and offices. The Task Force, organized and chaired by NICHD Training Officer, Dr. Dennis Twombly, held a series of meetings between May and September 2015. The Task Force studied extensive data analyses prepared by the NICHD Office of Science Policy, Analysis and Communication (OSPAC) to inform the deliberations and compilation of the final