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the principles of community risk reduction

As the chief of University City Fire Rescue, during a review of annual data, you identified the reoccurring trend of emergency
service calls for a large number of incidents involving the items below. In order to curb the increased risk to the community
and the citizens from these incidents, you will need to draft a community reduction plan that identifies the problem and the
path that you propose, along with actions to reduce these calls.
Your plan will be presented at the next University City Council meeting. Choose one of the following for your community risk reduction plan.
bicycle safety,
carbon monoxide,
dog bites,
use of seat belts,
ingested poisonings,
childhood drowning,
boating safety,
fireworks safety,
elderly fall safety, and
cooking fire prevention.
Your plan should address the following items:
Identify the role fire department should have in the risk reduction process.
Interpret the principles of community risk reduction.
Identify who within the department is the lead representative of the risk reduction plan and his/her responsibilities.
Identify the risks faced by the community and its residents and solutions to address these risks.