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Collaborative Learning: Preparation for the Workplace and Democracy

The Principle of Intelligibility The process of understanding discourse is the process of the context establishment. An effective way to understand the discourse is to choose and establish an appropriate context to get people involved in the context. This includes communicative context, communicative environment, and communication based on common sense. English teachers should socialize and contextualize the multimedia classroom, as well as trying to transplant the real use of English into an in-classroom multimedia environment to improve students’ interpretative skills. It is helpful for teachers to use the characteristics of contexts in teaching materials to enable students to learn when and where they should speak English in line with the discourse and ultimately improve their English language skills. Teachers can also use multimedia to help students to predict the text in order to grasp the context and enhance their comprehensive skills. From a practical context to language understanding and usage based on different types of training, students may improve their communicative competence effectively in different contexts. 3.8 The Principle of Penetrability To achieve the success of multimedia English teaching in context creation, English teachers should involve their own sincere feelings in the classroom and make use of multimedia to stimulate students’ emotions. This is a joint method, where the two elements complement each other to promote and optimize the context creation of multimedia English Vol. 1, No. 4 International Education Studies 140 teaching, which is one of the internal driving forces of students’ learning interest. The learning process can stimulate students’ desire to learn, so that students leave with positive feelings after class. English teachers should also learn to explore aesthetic factors in the context creation in multimedia language teaching, and make use of the “display” functions of multimedia to make timely demonstrations to help students learn about the aesthetic capacity of English, so that they are able to express their personalities in the foreign language