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Clashing of Priorities:

Preventing Conflict in the Workplace

Good news: Your organization and its employees holds the ability to avoid some conflict. Here are six ways to prevent conflicts from arising.

  • Create a company culture that clearly defines the behaviors, beliefs, interactions, and attitudes dictating how things get donewithin your organization.
  • Define shared values that reflect your culture, what you care about, and what you stand for. Use these values as your guiding principles in everything you do.
  • Strengthen your organizational culture qualities, or the 10 objectively good qualities to foster: Collaboration, innovation, agility, communication, support, wellness, work environment, responsibility, performance focus, and mission and value alignment.
  • Your organization’s culture is a unique reflection of your team and leadership, customer expectations and marketplace demands. Identify your strategic culture qualities, or the unique qualities that sets your organization apart.
  • Show respect, always. Feedback should never get personal. Focusing on the work at hand will prevent feelings from being hurt and employees from lashing back.
  • Encourage curiosity. Employees should feel they can (respectfully) question approaches to solving a problem. Doing so keeps them engaged and fosters a healthy dialogue.