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Characteristics, motivations and challenges of women entrepreneurs in Oman’s Al-Dhahira region

The results showed that students who studied generally have the intention of entrepreneurship to foster self-confidence to be able to run an activity or actionoriented entrepreneurship through his confidence in the ability or skills possessed. Capabilities to convince himare able to run an activity or action to achieve success. Field findings show that not all students have entrepreneurial intentions associated with the desire to realize himself as a successful entrepreneur in the future. Besides the density of student activities and not optimal entrepreneurial character development program, either through course materials and training for entrepreneurship. In addition, the faculty that administer entrepreneurship courses have not been fully able to internalize the values of entrepreneurship that can form the entrepreneurial character. On the other lecture material is still dominated by the strengthening of entrepreneurship theory and knowledge, as well as the lack of training activities and skills that build character entrepreneurship so that someday if the pass is not uncommon that waiting for a call job application and not the job creators. The lack of readiness among students in managing their future tend to promote actions that almost instantaneous create doubts in determining future goals. Thus, not many of the alumni who still compete fate to become a civil servant or employee of a big company without being aware of its potential. On the other hand, the lack of attention in determining the future, not uncommon among students perform activities of student organizations of which it is based not on the wishes of the original so that the activity leads to less creative activities