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Change Management as a Process

The logic of a comprehensive strategic analysis is simple: describe and explain theissue/problem, assess it, try to solve it. Of course, we actually analyze problems in a much more non-linear manner than this in practice, but writing-up an analysis in this linear, “rational” mode is theonly way to make the analysis understandable to the client. Therefore, usually, a writtencomprehensive strategic analysis contains three major parts, in the following order: analysis of thecurrent situation, assessment of the current situation (fulcrum) and solution analysis.Analysis of the Current Situation The purpose of the current situation analysis is to provide a “snapshot” of the issue/problem and ofthe firm. Here some of the important questions normally addressed are: What is the issue/problem?Who owns and/or controls the firm? What has been the recent history of the firm? What business, orbusinesses, is the focal firm in? What are the focal firm’s products in each business? What are thecustomer segments in each business? What is the structure and dynamics of each industry that thefirm competes and how competitive are they?