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Change in focus from production to marketing

turbulent conditions requires organisations to renew by revitalising and transforming their traditional core activities.

Classical business strategy, management and organisational concepts and governance structures are no longer sufficient. Organisations require new concepts, new ideas, innovations and new managerial approaches that fit their current and future needs. At Radboud University, we presuppose that the strategic direction taken by an organisation is significantly influenced by the diverse field of stakeholders taking an interest in an organisation’s directions.

In the Master’s specialisation in Strategic Management you will therefore study the influences of the various stakeholders, strategy process in organisations, internal and external environment, and internationalisation. You will come to understand what influences the organisation’s ability to determine what key-issues it needs to address in its business and social environments to improve the performance of the organisation. In other words, you will become a modern professional that can make use of a scientific methodological framework to determine the best course of action that will give an organisation competitive advantage.