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“CBO Analysis Endangers GOP Health-Care Bill”

Owing largely to its provisions curtailing federal funding for Medicaid, enacting loopholes for insurers on pre-existing conditions and establishing tax cuts for upper-class Americans, the AHCA was deeply unpopular with the American populace during and after its evaluations in Congress. Business Insider stated that the AHCA was “the least popular major bill in decades”, and major medical organizations, including the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, strongly condemned the bill and excoriated its supporters in Congress, with the AMA stating that “the safety net provided by Medicaid would be severely eroded.”[31][32][33] Polls on the AHCA consistently showed the American public solidly opposing the bill, with a poll by HuffPost and YouGov indicating that 44 percent of Americans oppose the AHCA compared to 31 percent who supported it, with 25 percent unsure.[34]Vox accused Republicans of dishonesty to their constituents, as many of them had stated their support for laws protecting pre-existing conditions but voting for the AHCA in the end which weakened federal protection for buyers with pre-existing conditions.[35] The GOP’s support of the bill and subsequent defense of it despite heavy condemnation and protests was widely condemned, with House Republicans and SpeakerPaul Ryan facing the most severe criticism.[36] The Niskanen Center stated that the GOP’s successful passage of the AHCA in 2017 was a major factor in the party’s heavy House losses in the 2018 midterm elections, costing the party its majority in the House, and Snopes publicly identified 33 House Republicans who were voted out of office largely due to their votes in favor of the AHCA, including in states where Republicans control most House seats,