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Casual Management Concept

Build Ever-Stronger, Trust-Based Relationships With Your People

As a transformational leader, you need to focus your attention on your people, and work hard to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Use Dunham and Pierce’s Leadership Process Model  as your starting point. This tool outlines how important your people are to your success as a leader.

It also underlines the fact that leadership is a long-term process, and that, as a leader, you need to work constantly to build relationships, earn trust, and help your people grow as individuals.

Meet your people individually to understand their developmental needs  , and help them to meet their career goals. What do they want to achieve in their role? Where do they see themselves five years from now? How can you help them reach this goal?

You can build trust  with your people by being open and honest in your interactions. Use the Johari Window  to disclose safe personal information  about yourself, and to get a better understanding of “what makes your people tick.”

Lastly, set aside time to coach  your people. When you help them find their own solutions, you not only create a skilled team, but you also strengthen their self-confidence and their trust in you.