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Career Exploration:

Career counselors focus on achieving work-life integration with an understanding of how a person acts in their role and how different roles interact. They can even help you to explore new career options and resolve issues at work or even problems in your personal life that may be affecting your job performance.

How to Find a Career Counselor or Coach

There are several different ways you can find the right counselor or coach to help you secure your next job:

Ask friends and family if they can recommend a counselor or coach.

Contact your college career office if you’re a college grad, and ask if they provide career counseling or advice to alumni. Many career offices provide services for life to alumni, or may charge a lower fee than you would pay for a private counselor. If not, ask whether they can give you a referral.

Reach out to a local college career office and ask for a referral to a private counselor. The school may have a list of local counselors available.

Use the Counselor Find function offered through the National Board of Certified Counselors. Activate the ‘career development’ filter to identify some prospects.

How to Choose a Career Counselor to Work With

Before you sign an agreement with a counselor or coach, take the time to check their credentials. Also, be sure to have a conversation about your goals to clarify that you’re both on the same page regarding desired outcomes.

Ask for three references from any counselor before finalizing an agreement for services. Ask the references questions like “What were her strengths and weaknesses as a counselor?”, “What progress did you make after meeting with her?”, “Would you use her services again?” and “Do you have any reservations about recommending her?”