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Borderline personality symptomatology and history of domestic violence

A Materially Oriented victim engages in behaviour that results in some kind of material benefit (monetary, goods, etc). In victim motivations, this is not identified as Profit as with offenders. While it is true that in some cases individuals will engage in behaviours that provide significant financial benefit (staying with a wealthy but controlling or abusive partner), in other situations, it may be all an individual can do but to meet even the smallest of financial commitments (staying with a controlling or abusive partner who militantly controls access to financial resources). In the latter case, there may be no such profit to be had. Victims of this orientation may also increase their risk of harm or loss by engaging in activities such as prostitution or drug dealing. These victims may also open themselves up to exploitation where the offender knows the victim is seeking monetary gain. Their lack of financial resources may be the result of poor financial decisions, controlling partners, or a lack of education to attain sufficiently lucrative employment. They may also have gambling or drug habits. Any or all of these situations can result in depression, anxiety, frustration and stress that may exacerbate their situation. 9 In cases where feelings create dissonance, any behaviour on the part of the victim may be minimised or rationalised as somehow necessary, or that the short term cost is worth the long term gain. This may lead them to engage in increasingly risky behaviours, placing them at greater and greater risk. In reality, any gain is usually short lived, and the cycle will start again.