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Becoming a Servant Leader

Staying humble means being aware of, and admitting, what you don’t know. It means being ok making mistakes and asking for help. When you are humble you open yourself up to continuous growth and learning, and you prime yourself to handle the inevitable lows of startup life with grace and dignity.

Being humble as a leader makes you more relatable and approachable. In turn, it creates a more humanistic work environment where your employees will feel more comfortable being open, taking risks and showing vulnerability.

Becoming a Servant Leader

Those that are well-versed at practicing humility tend to see their position of leadership differently.

Servant leadership is a form of leadership, or a philosophy, in which CEOs view themselves in service to those below them. Instead of viewing their perch as power or a way to control people and outcomes, servant leaders views their position as an opportunity to serve and grow their employees and organization.