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balancing emotion and cognition

developed a theory explaining how an individual responds both physically and emotionally to the challenges in life, especially in early life. Reich named this character structure because of its function as a defense. Reich asserts that the character armour has a physical side in the form of chronic muscular tensions, where the repressed material is hidden. Reich proposes that each character structure is the outgrowth of one primary existential human issue. Each issue is fundamental to the human experience and requires a constant resolution over the life span.

postulates that a distinction between a positive and negative effect of trauma is a reaction that leads to the reactive character formation via avoidances, phobias, compulsions and inhibitionstheories would agree with this distinction resulting in character formation in adolescence in the form of sexual identity, residual trauma and ego continuity (acting out) followed on from Reich’s work and asserted that the formation of character is the totality of the mechanical, automatic and unconscious ways of reacting, by which the individual maintained his/her psycho-physical balance; a balance that makes sure that the feelings, emotions and bodily impulses that have been blocked, remain separated from the consciousness of the individual (p.81).