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Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference

The OpenAccess design database

Given the importance of a common design database in the EDA industry, the OpenAccess Coalition has been formed to develop, deploy, and support an open-sourced EDA design database with shared control. The data model presented in the OA DB provides a unified model that currently extends from structural RTL through GDSII-level mask data, and now into the reticle and wafer space. It provides a rich enough capability to support digital, analog, and mixed-signal design data. It provides technology data that can express foundry process design rules through at least 20 nm, contains the definitions of the layers and purposes used in the design, definitions of VIAs and routing rules, definitions of operating points used for analysis, and so on. OA makes extensive use of IC-specific data compression techniques to reduce the memory footprint, to address the size, capacity, and performance problems of previous DBs. As of 2007, OA is the only modern IC database where the implementation is publicly available.

Synopsys Milkyway

The Milkyway database was originally developed by Avanti Corporation, which has since been acquired by Synopsys. It was first released in 1997. Milkyway is the database underlying most of Synopsys’ physical design tools:

Milkyway stores topological, parasitic and timing data. Having been used to design thousands of chips, Milkyway is very stable and production worthy. Milkyway is known to be written in C. Its internal implementation is not available outside Synopsys, so no comments may be made about the implementation.