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Applied Linguistics.

The MIT Open Course Ware (OCW) ( of America and the National Program of Web-Delivery for
Elaborate Course (NPWDEC) of China can be used as examples of this process; both of these projects are based on the
integration of the Internet and multimedia Information Technology (IT), and are also open and sharable projects with
wide influence. The NPWDEC integrates texts, pictures, videos, and students’ self-evaluation. Through sharing
information and course resources on the Internet, some basic public required courses such as “computer” and “College
English” have brought about teaching reform and course construction, as well as optimizing the context of the
multimedia teaching of English.
Currently, software such as PowerPoint, Authorware, Flash, Director, and Founder Author Tool can all be used to make
multimedia courseware. We believe that it is quite important for English teachers to learn, master, and create interactive
courseware to optimize the context creation of ELT. It is also important that English teachers fulfill the aim of
multimedia English teaching for the purpose of context creation through meeting certain requirements such as Intuition
with Association, Inference with Summary, and Cooperation with Interaction, as well as being aware of the relationships
between them.