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applications of mathematical problems involving probabilities

1. Calculate the class average for Unit 1. Using the “Grading Scale” listed below with the “Percentage Grade Total” above, what is the overall class average “Letter Grade”?

Grading ScaleLetter GradePercentageLetter GradePercentageA93–100C+77–79.99A-90–92.99C73–76.99B+87–89.99C-70–72.99B83–86.99D+67–69.99B-80–82.99D60–66.99Class AverageLetter GradeUnit 178.5C+Show your work here: (5 points)2. Create a frequency table to show the distribution of grades across the grading scale for the first week. (5 points)Letter GradePercentageFrequency #Cumulative Frequency #A93–100??A-90–92.9??B+87–89.9??B83–86.9??B-80–82.9??C+77–79.9??C73–76.9??C-70–72.9??D+67–69.9??D60–66.9??FBelow 59.9??3. Describe what you see based on the frequency distribution. (5 points)4. Calculate the mean, median, and mode for the class’s first unit “Percentage Grade Total” grades.Answers(Rounded to the nearest percent)Mean?Median?Mode?Show your work here: (15 points)5. Use the formulas for range, population variance, and population standard deviation with the “Percentage GradeTotal” to complete the following table. Make sure to check your answers with MS Excel. Also, round your answers to four decimal values.AnswersRange?Variance?Standard deviation?