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Analyzing Firm Performance

As part of my study of Miles and Snow’s strategic typology framework, I reviewed current literature, no older than three years, to see how the framework influences firm performance. While there are many studies that use Miles and Snow’s framework, I did not discover any major criticism of their work, indicating their strategic taxonomies are well-researched and widely accepted as operational.

Firm Performance

An important topic within the study of organizational design and theory is firm performance. This section will discuss, Miles and Snow’s strategic typology relates to firm performance. Many studies have looked at how a firm’s strategy impacts performance. Aleksić & Rašić Jelavić (2017) examined organizational performance by applying Miles and Snow’s typology to internal organizational fit. The authors confirmed that there is a relationship between strategy and organizational fit and that organizations perform higher when strategy and structure are aligned. Another study proved the validity of Miles and Snow’s framework by using statistical analysis of archived financial data to look at how firm performance was related to typologies (Anwar & Hasnu, 2016).