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Introduc on to Science

took place to help others learn and expedite future experimental pro‐ cesses. Though most lab reports go unpublished, it is important to write a report that accurately characterizes the experiment per‐ formed.

Title A short statement summarizing the topic

Abstract A brief summary of the methods, results and conclusions. It should not exceed 200 words and should be the last part wri en.

Introduc on

An overview of why the experiment was conducted. It should include:  Background ‐ Provide an overview of what is already known and what ques ons re‐

main unresolved. Be sure the reader is given enough informa on to know why and how the experiment was performed.

 Objec ve ‐ Explain the purpose of the experiment (i.e. “I want to determine if taking baby aspirin every day prevents second heart a acks.”)

 Hypothesis ‐ This is your “guess” as to what will happen when you do the experiment.

Materials and Methods A detailed descrip on of what was used to conduct the experiment, what was actually done (step by step) and how it was done. The descrip on should be exact enough that someone reading the report can replicate the experiment.

Results Data and observa ons obtained during the experiment. This sec on should be clear and concise. Tables and graphs are o en appropriate in this sec on. Interpreta ons should not be included here.