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analytics software.

Software Users

Users are (almost) always right because ultimately they pay for the software and services in various ways. Therefore, it is important to continuously create the best user experience. Usage data collected from the real world reveals how users interact with software and services. The data is incredibly valuable for software practitioners to better understand their customers and gain insights on how to improve user experience accordingly.

Our group works on various usage data exploration and analysis projects. The goal is to provide advanced techniques to enable the acquisition of actionable information and driving informed decision for creating the best user experience.

Development Process

Software development has evolved from its traditional form to exhibit different characteristics. The process is more agile and engineers are more collaborative. Analytics on software development data provides a powerful mechanism that we can leverage in order to achieve higher development productivity.

Our group is looking into interesting topics using the data-driven approach such as “how to find bad smells in source code”, “how to support efficient code review and test selection”, and “how to measure and predict the health of development process”.

Selected Talks and Presentations