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An approach to environmental psychology.

Paper-and-pencil SAM ratings for the 21 pictures presented here were obtained from the IAPS norms (Lang, Greenwald, & Bradley, 1988). In the norming study, each of 60 pictures was presented for 6 seconds, followed by a 15 second interval in which the subject used the paper-andpencil version of SAM to rate experienced pleasure, arousal, and dominance while viewing the picture. Computer SAM ratings for these pictures were obtained from 60 subjects participating in a psychophysiological investigation of reactions conducted by Lang et al. (1993). In this study, each picture was viewed for 6 seconds, and immediately rated for pleasure, arousal, and dominance using a computerized version of SAM. In all administrations involving SAM, the subject was instructed to rate his personal reaction to the picture. Standard SAM instructions included the list of words from the pertinent end of each the Semantic Differential scales in order to identify