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an acid-base reaction

 Chronic Exposure or Carcinogenicity/ The addition of NH4Cl (1.0% in the drinking water) prevented the formation of an alkaline urine, bladder calculi and bladder tumors in ENS (4-ethylsulfonylnaphthalene-1-sulfonamide) (0.01% in the diet) treated animals. Epithelial hyperplasia, marked with ENS alone, was less severe and no neoplasms were detected during the life span of the mice. Because of the absence of calculi, hydronephrosis was absent from the ENS4Cl treated group, together with a marked reduction in the incidence of nephritis when compared with ENS treated mice. Untreated control animals and those given NH4Cl alone were free from bladder tumors, epithelial hyperplasia (with the exception of 1 of 50 mice) and calculi, while a few cases of nephritis were noted.