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A(n) ________________________ is one in which all data integrity constraints are satisfied. 7 5 1794 110 5 6 1795 110 [removed] NULL COMMIT ****

The ____________ is a data-modeling technique used to map multidimensional decision support data into a relational database.

[removed]a. data warehouse 
[removed]b. smart star 
[removed]c. managerial view 
[removed]d. star schema

__________ uses star schemas while _____________ uses data cubes.

[removed]a. DOLAP, ROLAP 
[removed]b. ROLAP, MOLAP 
[removed]c. MOLAP, ROLAP 
[removed]d. ROLAP, DOLAP

The fact table from the star schema diagram below is ____________.

[removed]a. ORDER 
[removed]b. TIME 
[removed]c. VENDOR 
[removed]d. PRODUCT

Which of the following is a basic component of the BI architecture?

[removed]a. Data visualization 
[removed]b. Data analytics 
[removed]c. Data store 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.

A(n) _______ in a star schema is a numeric measurement or value that represents a specific business aspect or activity.

[removed]a. attribute hierarchy 
[removed]b. fact 
[removed]c. dimension 
[removed]d. attribute