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A(n) _______________ optimizer uses a set of preset conditions and points to determine the best approach to execute a query. The conditions assign a “cost” to each SQL operation; the costs are then added to yield the cost of the execution plan. [removed] a. user-based [removed] b. query-based [removed] c. rule-based [removed] d. cost-based

The data warehouse is usually a ___________ database optimized for data analysis and query processing.

[removed]a. stand-alone 
[removed]b. read-only 
[removed]c. small sized 
[removed]d. view-based

Which of the following are problems when operational data are integrated into the data warehouse?

[removed]a. Use of synonyms and homonyms. 
[removed]b. Use of different coding schemes. 
[removed]c. Incompatible data formats. 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.

A(n) ___________________ is an arrangement of computerized tools used to assist managerial decision making.

[removed]a. Database Support System 
[removed]b. Decision Support System 
[removed]c. User Support System 
[removed]d. Managerial Support System

A(n) ___________________ is a web-based system in BI that presents key business performance indicators or information in a single, integrated view with clear and concise graphics.

[removed]a. web interface 
[removed]b. dashboard 
[removed]c. cloud 
[removed]d. micro storage device

The _______ clause in a materialized view indicates that the view rows are populated right after the command is entered.

[removed]a. NOT 
[removed]b. IMMEDIATE 
[removed]c. COMPLETE 
[removed]d. DEFERRED

The ____________ is a data-modeling technique used to map multidimensional decision support data into a relational database.

[removed]a. data warehouse 
[removed]b. smart star 
[removed]c. managerial view 
[removed]d. star schema