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Amortization vs. Impairment of Tangible Assets: What’s the Difference?

Performing an Account Inquiry

Perform an account inquiry to view actual, budget, and encumbrance account balances for summary and detail accounts. You can also:

  • Compute variances between two balance types, for both summary and detail accounts when querying on balances for a specific ledger
  • View account balances for multiple ledgers in a single view by querying on ledger sets
  • Drill down to see the journal entries that comprise your account balances
  • Drill down to Subledger Accounting and then to subledger transactions that comprise the journals that comprise your account balances
  • View journal and subledger transaction information as balanced accounting entries (i.e., debits equal to credits) or in the form of T-accounts
  • If you are using Reporting Currencies and are drilling down on an account balance from a journal-level or subledger-level reporting currency, you can drill down to the journal detail. If the journal detail is a converted journal, that is, one that was converted automatically when the original journal was posted in the source ledger, you can drill down further to see the journal amounts entered in the source ledger, such as the primary or secondary ledger.Note: To drill down from the journal-level or subledger-level reporting currency to its source ledger, the Import Journal Reference flag must be enabled for the journal source.Note: Drilling down to subledger transactions is supported for subledgers that use Oracle Subledger Accounting (SLA), such as Oracle Receivables, Payables, Assets, Projects, Purchasing, Inventory, Work in Process (WIP), Property Manager, and Lease Management if you have installed these products.To find all Oracle subledgers that integrate with Subledger Accounting, you can query each subledger source in the Subledger Application window from the Subledger Accounting Setup menu.
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Account Inquiry Example

Assume your company has one primary ledger and two reporting currencies (RCs) assigned to a ledger set called Operations Set. RC (EUR) is a journal-level reporting currency and RC (JPY) is a balance-level reporting currency used solely for translation purposes.