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Alliance for the Study of School Climate (ASSC)

FS 1 The Learner’s Development and Environment  My Analysis 1. How did the classroom organization and routines affect the learners’ behavior? The classroom organization and routines affects the learners’ behavior because if the classroom and the routines are organized then the student will be interested to learn. It will provide a good atmosphere for the students to learn because they know that all is well-organized so everything will go well. Good classroom organization + good classroom routine = productive students. 2. What should the teacher have in mind when he/she designs the classroom organization and routines? What theories and principles should ou have in mind? The teacher should think what will be the outcome of his/her designed organization and routines. It must have a desirable and effective effect to the learning of the students. The teacher must have the knowledge in organizing and implementing procedures so that everything will go well. The teacher must apply all the teaching principles he/she had learned, the techniques, methods, strategies, approach, etc. and all the theories that h/she know because it might help him/her in facilitating learning. If all of that will be realized, then there will be a good effective classroom for the students. 3. Which behavior strategies were effective in managing the behavior of the learners? In motivating students? Why were they effective? The behavior strategy that is effective in managing the behavior of the learners is giving them positive reinforcements if they are doing well in the class. In this way, the learners will be motivated in participating the class and will repeat their positive behaviors. Giving them encouraging remarks like “very good” or giving them rewards is one of the main reasons why students are motivated.