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Alice in Wonderland Experience

Alice in Wonderland Experience

Alice in wonderland experience also referred to as the ‘Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland refers to a widely published children’s book by Lewis Carroll, which was published in 1865. In its time, it was one of the most celebrated English-language fiction, as it was illustrated by a British artist John Tenniel. The wonderland experience revolves around a young girl know as Alice.

Summary of the Alice in Wonderland Experience

As narrated, Alice fell asleep and dreamt having fallen in the in a rabbit hole while following a White Rabbit. She lands in to a fantacy world which was populated with strange anthropomorphic creatures.  The creastures were changing sizes unexpectedly. She encountered other peculiar creatures such as hookar smoking caterpillar, the Ducheess with a baby that changes in to a pig, and the Cheshire Cat. Alice attends various tea party, and plays the games of the croquet with unmanageable flamingo and another uncooperative hedgehog for the croquet balls. The queen called for the execution of everyone who was present. Later, Alice was taken to meet the sobbing Mock Tuttle who narrated his education ambitiously. However, the queen demanded that Alice be beheaded, and she realizes that these characters were only a pack of cards. She awakens from her dream.

Early narrations of the story

The story of Alice in Wonderland Experience was first narrated Carroll to Lorina, Alice and Edith Liddel, who were the daughters of Henry Gearge Liddell the dean of Christ Church in Oxford. Then, Alice requested Carroll to write the stories for her, and in response to her request, he produced a collection of stories entitled “Alice Adventures Under Ground”. Later, a visitor to Carroll home saw the book and through that, it was necessary to have it published. As a result, Carroll revised and expanded the book. However, upon its publishing, the book received significant criticism. The reason was that it was published in the time when moral lessons to the children were more emphasized on. Having understoog how the mind of the children  work, Carroll appealed to their sense of ridiculous. Using the book’s riddle and poems, Alice in Wonderland Experience managed to reach greater heights. From the success of the book, Carroll went ahead and published other books such as ‘Through the Looking-Grass’ and ‘What Alice Found There’ published in 1871. By the end of the 19th century, Alice in Wonderland Experience and the other books had become the most popular children’s book in England. In the following two decades, it was among the most popular storybooks around the world.