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Air and Dust Management Plan

Key risk areas that were subject to further detailed impact assessment and risk management
planning include the following:
 Health and safety of project personnel from interaction with equipment as well as mobile
and fixed plant, during construction and operation activities
 Dust fallout and deposition, including impacts to fauna and nearby sensitive receptors,
from wind erosion of exposed surfaces and vehicle movement along haul roads
 Flora, vegetation communities and fauna habitat impact from spread of weeds and feral
animals due to vehicle movements and/or inappropriate waste management
 Groundwater quality from seepage, embankment failure or overtopping of tailings, residue
storage facilities and/or process liquor evaporation ponds
 Decline in availability of water to existing and/or future users, within the Southern basin
from progressive water table drawdown arising from groundwater extraction rates
 Social and family tensions from increased disposable income and distribution of benefits
payments in the local communities
 Employment impacts to existing local businesses (e.g. retail, hospitality, council) due to
recruitment of project personnel
 Wellbeing of project personnel due to living away from home and lack of family / support