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The accountability framework defines from whom, and to whom, authority flows and for what purpose. It further defines the accountability of those with authority and their responsibility in exercising that authority. This section defines the roles and 8 responsibilities7 for the main actors in the evaluation process as well as the monitoring mechanism used to implement the evaluation policy. Roles and responsibilities 37. The Executive Board of WHO8 shall: (a) determine the evaluation policy and subsequent amendments, as needed; (b) provide oversight of the evaluation function within the Organization; (c) encourage the performance of evaluations as an input to planning and decisionmaking; (d) provide input to the biennial Organization-wide evaluation workplan on the items of specific interest to Member States; (e) approve the biennial Organization-wide evaluation workplan; (f) consider and take note of the annual report of the implementation of the biennial Organization-wide evaluation workplan; (g) periodically revise the evaluation policy, as necessary.