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According to Erich Goode, a way to explain adolescent involvement in delinquency is through……

6 points  
In 2005, the U.SHistorically, which of the following was not handled by the juvenile court?
Answer    neglected children
   hate crimes
   status offenses

. Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty for offenders under the age of 18 at the time they committed their crime:
Answer    could continue as it is in line with the Stubborn Child Law of the Constitution
   violates the Eighth Amendment
   is acceptable to the general public and, therefore, constitutional
   violates the principle of parens patriae

Once a juvenile is detained and a petition is filed, a hearing must be scheduled within:
Answer    24 hours
   48-72 hours
   85-120 hours
   1 week

When a juvenile is suspected of committing a crime, police have the discretion to:
Answer    release the child and report the contact
   interrogate or search the child
   turn the child over to their parents under the promise of punishment
   both A and B are correct

Most youth tend to pick friends who are like themselves. The term that describes this process is called_________.
Answer    homophily