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accessibility and applicability of cultural knowledge

What is a situation analysis? Gathering reliable information during an emergency can be challenging, especially when it is disjointed and collected from unconfirmed sources. Therefore, before taking action to secure cultural heritage, take the time to assess the situation, analyse the information gathered, and prepare a strategy for providing first aid. Failing to do so may lead to the incorrect prioritisation of affected heritage, increased damage to heritage, and even put lives at risk. The systematic assessment of a sudden onset emergency or a gradually unfolding crisis is called a situation analysis. It involves gathering and establishing connections between specific preand post-event information in order to inform field actions, and identify immediate needs, as well as the existing capacities to address them. Situation analysis is a commonly-used tool amongst humanitarian organizations. It is used to define priorities for relief in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, and at the beginning of the early recovery phase, to identify long-term humanitarian needs.