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accessibility and applicability of cultural knowledge in inductive

Why undertake a situation analysis for cultural heritage first aid? In a rapidly evolving crisis, a situation analysis can help to reduce risks and contain, or prevent, damage to cultural heritage. If undertaken at the beginning of a field operation to safeguard cultural heritage, a situation analysis can help to determine the location(s), timing, scale and scope of the operation. Based on pre-event information about the type(s) and significance of cultural heritage affected, a situation analysis assists in answering critical questions, such as what to prioritise and how to intervene. At the same time, it helps to identify the actors and stakeholders who could assist in implementing first aid. For a conflict-induced emergency, a situation analysis may expand to include an assessment of the conflict, known as conflict analysis (see page 38). Situation analysis outcomes are used to develop a context-specific plan for securing and stabilising affected cultural heritage, which may be adapted as on-site damage and risk assessments