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“A theory of political transitions.”

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts work for clandestine agencies of the government like the CIA and National Security Agency. They tap the political science major’s understanding of political groups to assess developments in volatile areas of the world. These analysts study particular groups that pose a threat to security and analyze patterns of leadership and popular support.

Intelligence analysts write reports with their findings, and present briefings to agency leadership and executive and legislative leaders and staff. In addition, knowledge of foreign languages used by potential terrorists helps analysts to investigate potential threats.

Political Campaign Staff

Political campaign staff members help to formulate and execute campaign strategy. They work towards building a brand or favorable public image for the candidate. Staffers use the ability of the political science major to study current political issues and assess voter reactions to a candidate’s platform.

They write press releases and help draft language for speeches. Political campaign staff help manage the candidate’s social media imprint and organize events to gain exposure for candidates. They recruit, train, and supervise volunteers, as well as raising money to fund the campaign.

College Student Leadership and Activities Officer

Activities officers can apply knowledge of political science as they structure student elections and leadership programs. They help set standards for elections and monitor proceedings to make sure that student rights are upheld. 

College student leadership and activities officers develop leadership training exercises and advise leaders about effective and ethical ways to exercise their authority. They oversee the use of financial resources and investigate irregularities in student run clubs and programs. These workers mediate disputes between student leaders, and ensure that minority interests are reflected in budgets and activities.