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a file system implementation

IBM System/360 does not support virtual memory. Memory isolation of jobs is accomplished using protection keys, assigning storage for each job a different key, 0 for the supervisor or 1–15. Memory management in OS/360 is a supervisor function. Storage is requested using the GETMAIN macro and freed using the FREEMAIN macro, which result in a call to the supervisor (SVC) to perform the operation.

In OS/360 MVT, suballocation within a job’s region is based on subpools, areas a multiple of 2 KB in size—the size of an area protected by a protection key. Subpools are numbered 0–255, plus an unnumbered subpool used to store loaded programs.[4] Within a region subpools are assigned either the job’s storage protection or the supervisor’s key, key 0. Subpools 0–126 receive the job’s key. Initially only the unnumbered subpool and subpool zero are created, and all user storage requests are satisfied from subpool 0, unless another is specified in the memory request. Subpools 250–255 are created by memory requests by the supervisor on behalf of the job. Most of these are assigned key 0, although a few get the key of the job.

Each subpool is mapped by a list of control blocks identifying allocated and free memory blocks within the subpool. Memory is allocated by finding a free area of sufficient size, or by allocating additional blocks in the subpool, up to the region size of the job. It is possible to free all or part of an allocated memory area.