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A Description of the Data Analytics Business. 

Assignment 1: The Big Picture. A 1-page general description of your business.

1. On what topic will you collect data and perform analytics? In other words …what business (what type of data analytics) are you in?

2. Whom is your customer?

3. Where will you get the data?

Assignment 2:

Description: A Description of the Data Analytics Business.

A 3-5 page APA original document describing your Data Analytics (imaginary) company. Will define what need you fulfill, what your customer is looking for, what competitors are doing in this space (if anything), the Scope of services (what’s in and what’s out) and an estimated timeline that you think will be required. Include all references and citations.

NOTE: I want you to work on these WITHOUT ANY PLAGIARISM. If I like your work, I will assign my final project to you as well and pay good amount of money.