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organizational buying situation

“Any organizational buying situation involves the evaluation of a set of attributes […] in a decision-making process on which a variety of factors influence”. Hence, a clear understanding of the factors that influence business customers’ decisions regarding the purchasing of professional or knowledge-based services is extremely important for service providers and customer organisations alike Unfortunately, although Wittreich noticed as early as 1966 (p.127) that “the tried and true rules for buying goods do not work when applied to the buying of professional services”, much of the existing literature on organisational purchasing focuses on the acquisition of physical resources, and the findings are not always applicable to KIBS purchases. Moreover, the few studies that examine the purchasing of professional or KIBS are either conceptual in nature (e.g., Day and Barksdale, 1994), and thus lacking in empirical evidence, or do not shed light on the issues that influence purchasing decisions. To gain a greater understanding of the dynamics and mechanisms of the purchasing of services in business-to-business markets, it is both academically and managerially important to explore and analyse the factors that influence the purchasing of KIBS. …… reveals that a firm’s engagement in service procurement is positively related to the decentralisation of the purchasing process in various locations, and to purchase services successfully, customers need to conduct continuous and active interactions with all the related entities which are involved in the procurement process. Day and have provided a comprehensive framework for the organisational buying process of knowledge-based services. provides another framework on the same