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​Profit before taxes

It is the intent of UNMC to promote honest and ethical conduct of all employees having responsibility over and/or access to financial assets, and to foster a culture of honesty, integrity, stewardship and financial accountability across the entire campus community. Employees, including faculty and staff, with specific responsibilities for financial management are held to a higher standard in ensuring financial integrity. Accurate and reliable preparation of financial records is of critical importance in effective decision-making and in the fulfillment of UNMC’s financial, legal and reporting obligations. Diligence in accurately preparing and maintaining financial records allows UNMC to provide full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure.

Honest and ethical conduct is expected in all aspects of UNMC work from every employee, especially those employees who have been entrusted with handling UNMC’s financial affairs. These guidelines are applicable to all UNMC employees. 

The following principles, although not an exhaustive list, establish a minimum standard of accountability for all UNMC employees for compliance with applicable laws, ethical business standards and generally accepted accounting principles.

Leaders of UNMC’s major operating units must accept responsibility for the integrity and oversight of financial systems and communicate the importance of financial integrity to all employees. Leaders must provide education and training, systems development, enforcement and support. Operating personnel have stewardship responsibility for safeguarding University assets under their purview. Employees with responsibility for managing or updating financial systems must maintain the integrity of the financial transactions contained in those systems.