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 The Role of Empathy

A small reminder to Silicon Valley: In researching nearly 1500 companies and leaders for his best-selling leadership book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins discovered humility to be the X factor of great leadership.

Too often tech startup culture gets caught up in the bravado of “crushing”, “disrupting”, “paradigm-shifting”, or “becoming the next unicorn.” And all to easily founder confidence morphs into founder arrogance. Unfortunately, we all know stories about founders who let their egos get the best of them.

It’s much harder practice humility, as it means you must also practice vulnerability.

Staying humble means being aware of, and admitting, what you don’t know. It means being ok making mistakes and asking for help. When you are humble you open yourself up to continuous growth and learning, and you prime yourself to handle the inevitable lows of startup life with grace and dignity.